A new year, a new number

a new year

A new year? A new number! That is the only change.
Accumulation of time, linearity.
2013 is gone, is old, and now there is this year we call 2014.
The year we call new. We hope to suddenly have new chances, new possibilities.
That we can start anew. With a clean slate.

Clean? Is it really clean?
I hope not and I know it’s not.
It is full of colors, sounds and images.
Colors of the past. Sounds and echoes of the past.
Images, faded, but still there.

Without a memory there is no identity, and there is no change.
Most certainly there is no learning, no critical thinking, no changing of mind.
No insight.

Have a happy, good and mostly wise new number: have a good »new« year.
One that is not deprived of the past.
A year that hopefully is not a clean slate and therefore still is full of future and thus full of freedom.

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