I age, therefore I am!


Some say that life’s the greatest gift.
It’s a gift for sure.
No one chose to live ’cause everyone of us was thrown into life.
Suddenly we just were.
So life’s a gift. It’s given to us. Somehow.

Most people dread to get older.
It’s neither chill, nor cool or beautiful.
They say …

It’s not the truth by the way.
It’s merely an opinion.
A weird one, above all.
An opinion that doesn’t make any sense.
‘Cause living is all about aging.

Only when you’re aging, you can learn.
Only when you’re aging, you can change your mind.
Only when you’re aging, you can meet people.

Get to know them.
Get to love them.
Disagree with them.
Hate them.
Forgive them.
Forget them.
Re-find them.
Re-discover them.
Re-love them.
Re-live with them.

Living is aging.
And aging starts with our first breath.

Aging is living.
And every age has possibilities.

Possibilities to think.
To learn.
To doubt.
To fall.
To rise and fall again.
To create, because there was nothing left.
To think again.

I age, therefore I am!

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