In a relationship with you


When you choose to be in a relationship with you.

You are happy together with ‘you’.
You are sad together with ‘you’.
You are mad with ‘you’.
You are glad with ‘you’.
You are afraid with ‘you’.
You are courageous with ‘you’.

You know that you are alone.
Because you are ‘you’.
You know that you are not lonely.
Because you know that you are in a relationship with ‘you’
You are a two-in-one1.

Yet, still sometimes it happens.
You suddenly feel lonely with you.
You are a one-in-one.
And you long for someone.

You then have to reconnect with yourself.
And when you do this.
You know you are not lonely any longer.
Because you have reconnected yourself to the most important person in your life.
And this person is you.

You can always choose to be in a relationship with you.



  1. I am thankful to Hannah Arendt for this beautiful expression.
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