The meaningful gift of trust


Sometimes, very unexpectedly, you are offered the meaningful gift of someone’s trust.
It happens suddenly, in the blink of an eye.
It is a rare and very special moment.
A moment that is spontaneous and therefore per se free.
A moment that adds meaning to the finite human life.

The gift of trust is the atmosphere that is being created between two people in times of sharing deep thoughts, deep secrets and sometimes even deep fears.
You suddenly sense the pervading mood of trust and in the blink of an eye you know that this small and fragile atmosphere will not be damaged.

Offering and receiving the gift of trust is part of the definition of living a meaningful life.
The pursuit of meaning is higher than the pursuit of happiness.

The gift of trust is a gift of meaning and it makes you humble and grateful.
Exactly this makes life so precious. Because you cannot control it. You cannot own it.
You can only receive it suddenly. You can only feel it, recognize it, enjoy it and be grateful for it.

And as long as you live on from those moments onward, you will have that sensation of a meaningful life in your heart, in your soul and in your memory.
It is up to you, and only to you, whether you are open enough, receptive enough, to recognise the sensation of meaning suddenly entering your life, entering your mind and entering your soul.

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