The vulnerability of intimacy


The intimacy of a relationship is one of the most beautiful phenomena. And yet, at the same time it is in those moments of sudden silence, of paralyzed communication, that the fragility and vulnerability of intimacy unfolds itself.

Your silence makes my heart ache.

Is your battery dead?

Did you turn off your phone?

Do you want to be out of touch?

Are you with someone else?

What is freedom?

What is being in a relationship with someone?

What does ‘I miss you’ mean?

What does ‘I love you’ mean?

You are only as free as the amount of freedom you give to others — I say this time and again.

Am I less free when I have this angst of losing you and wanting to tell you about it?

Should I tell you?

Would it make you less free if I did tell you?

I feel this ache in my heart. This sharp, piercing pain that all of a sudden stabbingly lays bare my fragility.

My vulnerability.


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