Time travel

Does time travel exist? Well, today I received a letter from my 70 year old self!

“Dear Heidi,

Let me start by telling you a heartfelt and loving Happy Birthday! Girl, you really did a good job arriving at this time and space in one piece! Bravo! Not only have you been able to survive in general, but you specifically have survived all those challenges you have been presented with these last 50 years! On top of this, and more importantly so, you have found out what it is that makes you you: you know that you don’t know and this modesty becomes you. Knowing-not-to-know is a knowledge that gives you the constant drive and motivation to love life and the needed curiosity that makes you continuously strive for meaning even though you know you will never possess it. You know that you can only be touched by it. Brave girl, courageous girl and therefore wise girl!

Today I am turning 70 and because of who and how you are right now in your today, which is your 50th birthday, you have given me the opportunity to be able to enjoy this day today with deep and graceful gratitude. Thank you for this! This is the best birthday present anyone could have ever given to me!
You have taught me that my outer signs of aging are beautiful. My hair by now is completely grey, or as you prefer to call it: silver-white. Still long and very beautiful. It is the external hallmark of who I am and represent in this world in my day and age. It is the external and only visible sign of my inner love for this world and earth. You have to know that 70 is an age where my future is continuously shortening, whilst my past is steadily lengthening, and this is a very noticeable and tangible feeling. However, because you are the person you are today, I can be the person I am now; a person who is celebrating this phenomenon of aging with grace and gratitude and a lot of joy.

Thank you for having enjoyed your 50th birthday as much as you do, proud of it and shouting it out into the world without shame. Because of this I can think back to this birthday of yours 20 years back in time, and I can do it  without a nano-second of regret. Regret would’ve only been felt today if you hadn’t enjoyed your big Five O!
I tell you this because today I have had this little foolish thought suddenly brushing my mind that ‘I wished I was 50 again’ while I was looking at the picture taken of you today. I know… , but indulge me: it’s my little moment of being with you and wanting to be you again. So thank you for making this the beautiful and wonderful memory that I now have of my Big Five O of 20 years ago.

If I could, I would’ve sent you a picture of me. But, no worries, you only have to wait 20 years and then you will be able to see with your own eyes who I am now, and feel me with your inner perception and thought. You will like what you see, trust me on that one!

Let me be the first one today who says: Happy Happy Happy B-day, my dear! Enjoy and celebrate! And this letter is my gift to you! Share it, will you?”


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